and it begins...

We all knew it was coming…

Well, you may not have, but my friends and family definitely knew. (That’s not to say I’m glad you aren’t here, because I am. Really.)

There have been a few factors holding me back in this blogging world, so I’d just like to get them off my chest before I move onto bikini waxes.

I am not a writer. My Mom was an English teacher and she’ll confirm this fact for you. Because of this, I’ve always hesitated to create a blog because I feel that if you’re going to have a good blog, you need to be a good writer. But after doing some soul searching, I realized that some of my favorite blogs aren’t written by writers. They are mostly all written by mothers who are just trying to share their experiences with their friends and with anyone else who might want to listen. They also have grammatical errors and I love them because of that, so if it’s okay for them, it should be okay for me as well.

Sometimes opinions hurt. This is it, right? This is the hard part about blogging. People read blogs to get honest and sometimes heartbreaking opinions from real people out in the world, but sometimes those real people have real opinions that can really hurt. I’ve been reading blogs long enough to know that the lukewarm ones don’t matter. You’re either completely balls in or you might as well not have started one to begin with. So, I’m really going to do this and I might not make you happy all the time. Being my friend means knowing I will ask about the elephant in the room. Every time. I have no poker face and I’m totally okay with that. I spent the first 23-ish years of my life living as a not-so-authentic version of myself and I refuse to go back to her. 

Blogs tend to have themes… and I just couldn’t decide on one. Do I have a professional librarian blog? One of my close friends from grad school has one and I definitely didn’t want to copy hers. There are like a BILLION mom blogs, so what’s the point in starting another one? Although I love to cook, all my recipes basically come from other blogs so that wouldn’t be very interesting. I enjoy discussing sex and relationships, but who wants to be limited to those subjects all the time? After years of contemplating, I decided to have a place for all things thinkable. If the amount of times I change purses is any indication of how blog writing will go for me, I’d say I need to leave it pretty open for anything.

So here goes nothing. Anything and all is up for discussion on in between the stacks. (insert dramatic fade away music)


3 thoughts on “We all knew it was coming…

  1. I’m your mom, the retired English teacher. Smooch; smooch. I never thought you weren’t a writer; I only observed that you didn’t write. You are a writer and one who’s great fun to read, but then again, I’m your mom. I’ve read your blog–I think I’ve read all of it–and you have the most important element of being a writer: you have a voice. And it’s really yours. Notice I didn’t write: “And it’s really your’s.” This is a cool place to find you, Beebop, and I’ll continue to check it out. Love, Your mom.

  2. Anyone who speaks, or writes, from the heart, from life, as their true self…is a great writer. Your Mom is right ( aren’t we always?) you have a voice. You know that every time I think of you in my head… I think of you as Beebop?
    I admire you for your love of life, your energy, and for this amazing undertaking.

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