Lady Town

Welcome to Lady Town

For years I have been using the term “Lady Town” to describe to describe my vagina. I love it. The term and my vagina.  It makes me smile and it usually makes people laugh when they hear it. I think it’s prettier than some of the other slang out there that makes our vaginas sound like dirty, hairy animals. Cooter, snatch, cunt – Ugh. They are just awful. And then you have the terms on the other side of spectrum like pussy, fanny, flower that all sound like our vaginas are pigtail sweet with pink daisies growing from them with frolicking bunnies.

Lady Town is sassy, feminine, sexy, and strong. When I say it I don’t feel like I’m describing an organ that is submissive and weak, but a part of me that I control and that I’m proud of. Lady Town even has an entry in Urban Dictionary, making it a legitimate word, obviously. I don’t really know how to spell it, and clearly neither does Urban Dictionary.

Sadly, I did not come up with Lady Town on my own. I originally heard it from K, a friend I made in grad school who remains one of the coolest chicks I know. She’s honest, kind, funny as hell, and has no problem talking loudly about sex in public over margaritas. She introduced me to two of my favorite restaurants in Buffalo and if you know me well, you know that food recommendations are taken very seriously in my book. K is a real writer and she is one of the aspects of Buffalo I miss the most.

And now you have the origin of Lady Town. The End.


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