Kindness Wednesday

Acts of Kindness…

…are sometimes all you need to avoid discussing your in-laws on your new blog. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

When I am not thinking about all the things I simply cannot speak about on IBTS, I am constantly being amazed by the kindess in the world. (How’s that for a segue?)

Acts of kindness can be simple, beautiful, overwhelming, thought-provoking, small, large, and a list of about another 100 words. No matter the description, they always bring a smile to someone’s face. I am not naturally a thoughtful person.

Every time I try and explain this, it never quite comes out right.

What I mean is that I have to consciously create kind acts. For instance, one day a woman saw me in the parking lot carrying my tantrumming toddler, two plants that were destined to die within days, and bags of groceries. Without hesitation, she came up to me, grabbed the plants and walked me to my car. Then, because clearly she was sent from God, she took my grocery cart from me! (Those of you without children probably don’t see the big deal in this, but let me tell you: When you have a kid, groceries, and a timeline, it seems like torture to have to return the cart in the parking lot.) And do you know what amazes me even more? People do this frequently for me. They take my cart as if they know it’ll just make my day. That or they see I’m a hot mess who needs help. 

It doesn’t always occur to me to offer to return the cart for someone. I might think of it 5 seconds later, but not immediately. If a friend is having a bad day, I’ll definitely want to do something but ideas don’t come naturally. But those people, the ones who just do all this nice stuff and come up with happiness wands, they amaze me. There isn’t a blog entry on Kindness Girl that doesn’t make me want to be a better person. I just adore her and want to incorporate her loviliness into as much of my family’s life as possible. Last Thanksgiving we made her blessing boxes and I’m sure they will be a part of all our Thanksgivings. See below for proof. Sometimes I can be crafty…

A mum magically appeared on my porch the other day. It was purple and happy and it made my day. I posted it on facebook but no one claimed the kind act – possibly making it even more special.

It was a mystery until this past Sunday when we went to a dear friend’s house to carve pumpkins with V. In true S fashion, she had every tool known to man including a drill to drill in colorful plastic golf-like tees so when you lit the pumpkins they would have a splash of color. Because why not add color to your pumpkin? Poor V, her mother will most definitely never be that creative – but thank goodness she has creative friends.  Anyways, V was far more interested in her fairy costume that S and her lovely daughter put together for her earlier that day. It was a combination of pink fairy wings and a pink wand that S assured me she could make better by adding some sparkle and ribbon. She amazes me. Never in my life has the thought crossed my mind to put together a halloween costume for a most beloved toddler. I should also add that part of the costume is part of her daughter’s first dancing costume. Must remember to give chocolate to her after taking costume off…

I’ve known S for most of my life, but we really became friends when she introduced me to her church two years ago. From inviting us over to carve pumpkins to bringing us ribble soup when we’re missing from church and she hears that it’s because V is sick. Simply put, she is one of the most considerate and loving friends I’ve ever had.  I can honestly say one of the best things about moving back to Virginia has been becoming friends with S and her family.

Ribble Soup, by the way, is an amazing soup that has many versions of on the internets. There are sweet, cold, and savory versions but the one that I had was like a chicken soup with little dumplings. ! S reads this blog, so hopefully she’ll be kind enough to share the recipe with me so that I may pass it along to  everyone. To put this in perspective, V wouldn’t eat much for three days and she had three bowls of this soup that evening. Those Pennsylavania Dutch people don’t mess around.

Most obviously, S was the giver of the mum.

In honor of S and Kindness Girl and all my friends who are kind – I have decided that Wednesday will be Kindness Wednesday. Check back to hear stories of happiness in the middle of your work week. These stories make me smile and give me faith in my life and I hope they will help you as well.

One thought on “Acts of Kindness…

  1. Your family brings such great joy to our lives. Got to just love God’s plan!
    Thanks for portraying me in such a good light… you just haven’t caught me on a bad day !

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