Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy?

I spent a lot of time making fun of Virginians and snow the 8 years I was in New York. Anyone who has ever lived in Virginia and lived in a state where snow is a part of life completely understands how ridiculous things are down here.

With just a threat of snow, the grocery stores are attacked by people buying every last gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and every can of chili starter in a 50 mile radius. What is up with the chili making during a snow storm? Schools are closed before the flakes come and when they do actually come, Lord, schools are closed for weeks. I told this to my northern friends and they didn’t believe me but all the stories were true. I remember doing snow dances with Mom in the kitchen as a kid. They were amazing and almost always worked.

But hurricanes? Hurricanes can be bitches. Last year, we lost 6 oak trees in our yard causing thousands of dollars in damage from getting the trees removed to septic system damage. Ugh. Hurricanes are nothing to mess around with.

We didn’t take Irene seriously and she ended up slapping us around, so this year, I was all about the milk, bread, and chili starter. And water. And batteries. And chex mix. And seriously, why the milk? What good is milk going to do if you lose power? The bread I kinda get. You can always make peanut butter sandwiches. But milk and chili starter makes no sense. Both would go bad after 4 hours without power. This year we stocked up on water and batteries and baby wipes.

Haha. I had to buy baby wipes because my daughter is mostly potty trained so we don’t have to buy wipes very often. It’s awesome. Okay. Back to hurricanes. 

So, here is what I made during the hurricane threats to be prepared for Sandy:

1. Pioneer Woman’s Simple, Perfect Chili. This recipe required masa harina, or corn flour. If you don’t love the taste of corn tortillas, don’t use this. You’ll be amazed how far 1/4 cup of this stuff goes. Also, this is very plain chili, so be sure you have all the toppings ready to go. We used sour cream, cheddar cheese, and hot sauce.

2. Pioneer Woman’s Penna a la Betsy. Okay. Technically this is probably one of the worst hurricane foods you can make. Reason being, it has shrimp and heavy cream. That said, if you’re going to be without power for days, why not have your last meal be this one. Plus, it involves wine and I’m of the opinion that you should probably be a bit intoxicated while you’re without power. Just saying. If you can get over the whole impracticality of this dish, I highly encourage you to make it. It’s amazing and delicious and Greg said he could eat the entire pan.

3. Pioneer Woman’s Corn Dog Muffins. Look. If you and your toddler are going to be without power, i.e. the Sound of Music DVD, for days, you might as well make a yummy dinner for her as well, right? These are Vivi approved and super, super easy. Again, not so practical in the reheating department (if you’re without power), but definitely a recipe that we’ll make again.

4. Chex-mix. But only if you have water to wash it down with. If you don’t have water, this might be the worst hurricane snack ever.

I’m realizing that this is pretty terrible hurricane advice. Just thought you should know. 

5. Miller cookies. Because why not have chocolate around during a hurricane?

But seriously. Be safe and make sure you keep in touch with family. That’s about all the hurricane advice I have. Oh, that and don’t read ridiculous blogs written by a woman who has clearly no idea how to prepare for hurricanes.


2 thoughts on “Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy?

  1. Ya know, Loftan, oftentimes there are baby booms during natural disasters and power outages which force people to stay indoors for hours with only what they have in the house that runs without power to entertain themselves with 😉 The recipes look delicious though! Definitely going to give them a try!

  2. Having been through many power outages in the great state of VA where we can have snowstorms and hurricane flooding on the same day…..of most importance is a “nest” all the blankets and pillows you can find in the middle of the living room floor. This is loved by kids, dogs, cats, and husbands!Chocolate in any form….wine for those of legal age and species….and a sense of humor, love for those you are with, and God’s blessing that “it’s all good”.

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