Love and Marriage

The Story of Us

Our first camping trip when I was still crazy-in-love enough to live in a tent for a few nights.

I met Greg at WNED in Buffalo just after New Year’s in 2008. I remember the day I met him, in the hallway, and exactly what I was wearing. Black sweater with bright green flowers. It was a gradual friendship, involving me finding any excuse to talk to him, including things like needing a new keyboard because there were too many crumbs in mine. There were prolonged moments in the hallway where he told me about his family, camping, and making me laugh. He also told me he had more girl friends than male, which made me assume that he wasn’t really interested in me. I told my girlfriends about him, we stalked him like any good librarians would do, but couldn’t find much on him.

The man didn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Well, he’s pretty old. That probably had something to do with it.

I was totally smitten. He would walk past the library and I could feel myself blush when I saw him from the corner of my eye. One time, he stopped at my desk and commented on the fact that I had my hair down earlier than morning (but my hair was currently tied up.) In the span of that two minute conversation, I had gradually and every-so-smoothly taken all twelve of  the bobby pins holding up my hair. See? Smitten.

One day he asked me out to lunch and I told him no because (truthfully) I was training a new volunteer that day and couldn’t leave him. I wrote Greg as soon as he went back to his desk to emphasize how sorry I was that I couldn’t go, but how I would LOVE to go with him another time. I gave him my personal email and number, I think. I was pretty smooth like that.

We went out to lunch Monday, February 4th. He ordered a grilled cheese with tuna known to the rest of the world as a tune melt and I ordered a gyro wrap. I remember being so nervous that I would mispronounce “gyro”. We talked for three hours and it was the best lunch I ever had. He was embarrassingly late to a meeting back at the station, but he didn’t care. In fact, as soon as the meeting was over, he came back to the library to ask me out to lunch on the following Wednesday. It was another, beautiful, three hour lunch. Before we left that day, he asked me out to a movie that night. Butterflies.

We saw Juno and went to Starbucks afterwards. We stayed there until it closed and then it started to snow. He offered to sit in my car with me while it warmed up, and he did, for like two hours. Then we moved to his car and waited for it to defrost, for another two hours. We just talked and talked and talked. I swear. No, really. Well, there was a kiss. A kiss after possibly the best pick-up line ever said in the history of pick-up lines:

“I know what we can do to warm things up.”

My man is many things, but smooth is not one of them. Sexy as all get out, but not smooth.

So we kissed and it was simple and not sloppy. Exactly how a first kiss should be. Come 2 am, we decided we should go home and sleep. Then I ran into a curb and prayed that he didn’t see it. He did.

And after that, things moved really quickly. Exactly a week later he came over, spent the night (bow-chicka-bow-bow), and never left. This was a first for me, but it felt natural and right from the very beginning. Greg Miller just felt like the rightest thing I had ever done. Literally and figuratively.

This is the first photograph of us that I have.

So, we had this crazy fast relationship. A fact that we hope to keep from V for a very long time since we realize it is by complete fluke that we didn’t break up within weeks. How one earth are we going to keep this story from her?  But it was also a very honest and open relationship. Yes, we were blinded by the mind-blowing love making, but we learned how to live together during the honeymoon phase. Maybe we were onto something? You can’t get annoyed at someone who you just want to have sex with as much as possible, right? It was surprising to both of us, but we were so happy together that we didn’t question it.

It surprised me after only a month of dating when I told him that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in Buffalo. There are no jobs for librarians in Buffalo. And, like it was as natural as saying his name, he said to me, “Well, I’ll go with you.” That was that. Simple. Easy.

Fast forward to August and he did what he said he would do and left Buffalo with me.

Last day at WNED.

The day we arrived at the farm.

It just worked.

That’s what I tell people when they ask me how I knew. It just works with Greg. It’s simple and easy and honest. We try to do what we say we’ll do and we’re quick to apologize if we do wrong. We’ve seen each other at our worst and we love each other for it.

The rest is history.


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