Happy Anniversary, Meghan

Not gonna lie, when November 1st comes around, the first thing I think of is Greg and the second thought I have is, “Happy Anniversary, Meghan!”

*Just another reason why I love her, this is what Meghan posted to me on facebook after I wrote this blog entry: “Is it weird that I always like to think that it is “our” anniversary too? hehe”*

I’m pretty sure her baby girl took this photo, but regardless, this is my beautiful friend and photog, Meghan. No matter what she says, we’re her favorite clients.

Oh, who is Meghan you ask? Meghan was our wedding photographer who I found when we put together our wedding in less than two months and she just happened to be listed first on yellow pages dot com. She is my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever found online. Honestly.

Since our wedding, she has become such a dear friend of mine. I’m not sure if this is typical with photographers and their clients, but I’m thankful that she basically stalked me after the wedding was finished. 😉

What’s been kind of incredible about our short friendship is that she’s seen me through so many major life events and has captured most of them!

Our wedding:

My pregnancy:


Birthday Parties:


That’s a V-Day angel, just in case you were wondering.

You get the point, though, right? She’s the reason I have a handful of beautiful photos of our family in the past few years.

But in addition to her camera magic, her friendship is one that I simply adore. She’s a mother who I look up to and the first person I called after my first freak-out moment after we brought Vivi home. She’s also the first person I call when I need to vent to, honestly, with no fear of judgement. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like this. She’s a fighter and has the kind of soul that you feel inspired by after spending just a few minutes with.

So, my dear, it’s been a great four years and I look forward to many more years of drinks, dinners, birthday parties, and random/wacky photo shoots designed by my Mom. (See V-Day photo shoot above).

You are wonderful.


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