Sticky Baby Dust

… and you thought fertility beads were weird, right?

When I told my friend, T, that I was pregnant a few weeks ago she didn’t tell me to pray or to take it easy. Instead, like she’d been doing it for years, she said, “I’m chucking sticky baby dust at you!”

And I guess it worked, because here I am, 13 weeks pregnant. Thank the sweet, sweet lord and the sticky baby dust.

And do you know when it happened? It happened during the month I stopped taking prenatal vitamins, I moved two libraries, drank alcohol, got a tattoo, and stopped having sex for the purpose of getting knocked up. True story. Luckily, according to my midwife, the baby doesn’t actually get anything for 21 days, so I guess baby is okay. That and the baby is going to be wicked badass. So I guess I should have listened to everyone in the first place, but let me tell you, having someone say to you after months of trying, “Oh, just stop trying!” is THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER.

Regardless. I went a little wild in December, stopped trying, and it worked. Thank the sweet, sweet Lord. And the sticky baby dust. 

A couple weeks ago Greg and I got to see the heartbeat and it was strong. And until you’ve ever seen an ultrasound without a heartbeat, you’ll just never know truly how good it feels.

So, folks, I feel like I can write again and I hope this pregnancy is as wonderful as my first.

Prayers are appreciated. We’re due August 26th.


Oh, Baby, if you’re reading this. Just know technically you were conceived after I got a tattoo, so no blaming any future problems on it. Also, there are no two parents in the world who have wanted you more.


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