Olivey’s 1st Birthday

Olive. Olive Eloise. Olivey. Koalivey. Bubba. Pumpkin. Chunk. *Addition from Shannon: Ollie Polly*


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Your birthday is Sunday and although you won’t remember it, I promise you that it will be filled with some pretty wonderful people who love you to the moon and back. And polka dots. Because you are sweet and cute like polka dots.
You are a most loved little baby. Despite your lack of sleeping the first 8 months of your life, you are the happiest baby and you love to cuddle. This makes it almost impossible for people to resist picking you up and holding you and kissing you. It doesn’t hurt that you are beautiful. And I get that most Mothers think their child is beautiful but you really are. I know this because strangers tell me you are beautiful which means it must be true.

Photo by Meghan McSweeney Photography!

I mean, seriously.
You love the following things the most:
1. Your sister. I cannot tell which one of you loves the other the most but you have some serious love for Vivi. She can almost always make you smile and laugh. It is amazing, as you Mama, to watch this love affair grow.
2. Eating. You have been the loudest eater since the day you were born. I think you really, genuinely love food which means that we are going to have so much fun together cooking with Vivi in the kitchen.
3. Being chased. You have been told since you started smiling on purpose that you have a devilish smile. It is true, even though I wish there was a better phrase out there to descibe it. But you LOVE being chased and you smile and giggle the entire time because you know you’re trouble. And cute.
You dislike:
1. Bananas. Except for banana bread.
2. Being alone. You are perfectly happy playing by yourself as long as there are people near you.
3. When others are eating and you are not. Your tantrums pretty much all involve consumption of food. You are your Mama’s child.
I cannot describe the amount of joy you have brought into our family. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with you, I have been the happiest Mama of two. My pregnancy with you was blissful and you were brought into the world in a loving environment surrounded by people who love you absolutely.
We love you, Olivey. Me, Papa, Vivi, and the Boo-Bahs. You are a bundle of joy and I have loved being your Mama this year and I cannot wait to see what kind of person you turn into.
Photo by Meghan McSweeney Photography!

Photo by Meghan McSweeney Photography!


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