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To Vivi, on your sister’s first birthday…

Dear Vivi,

Today is Olive’s 1st birthday and that means you have been a big sister for a whole year!

Most of our friends and family were worried about you becoming the big sister. This is because no child in the history of children has ever been loved and adored more than you are and they were worried how you might feel sharing the attention.

Fear not. All these fears were forgotten when people saw what a truly kind and understanding sister you have been since the beginning…


This is a picture of you the first time holding Olive. It just so happens to be one of my favorite pictures of the two of you. This is how you’ve felt about Olive since the first time you met her. You love Olive. And not just in a silly 3-year-old way. Like a genuine, immediate, crazy-sister-bond type way.

You have always been so understanding about our attention needing to be shared with Olive. Don’t get me wrong, you have thrown your share of tantrums this year, but never because of Olive. You look out for her and you warn us if you think she’s going to hurt herself. You care about her and worry if she is crying. You are protective of her around strangers and you kiss her before she goes to bed. What’s weird to me is that we never asked you to do this – it is just something in your young heart that does it instinctively.

You have made me so proud to be your Mama and I have loved watching the two of you play and interact. I’ve said many times, I do not know which one of you loves the other the most. For all the realists out there, I know this will not be the case forever. You two will fight and probably pull the other’s hair at some point, but right now, I just love seeing the bond forming between the two of you and I hope and pray you will always love each other like this.

I love you, peanut.


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