This (see above) is what happened when I asked Greg (see below), to take my picture for the blog. I copied a concept from a friend, picked out a book, and put on make-up. What happened was this: Me, feeling ridiculously awkward about posing for a picture when V, our daughter, comes in wanting to sing Do-Re-Mi with her. What was I supposed to do? Ask my cute kid to hold off on her ridiculously cute rendition of Sound of Music tunes while I took a picture for a blog? I don’t think so. Hence, you have four pictures that at least gives you an idea of my life. Full of best intentions.

Chickadee: Although we hardly ever make phone calls to each other, I speak more regularly to her than any of my friends via gmail chat. We met in library school and quickly realized our mutual love of Olive Garden and talking about sex and relationships. We have been best of friends ever since. Oh, I called her chickadee in grad school, so it’s really not as weird as it might appear.

Greg – He’s my husband and wonderful father to our daughter, V. He is kind, calm, practical, and can fix anything that’s broken. He’s also a tiger in the bedroom. More on him later.

K: The originator of the term, Lady Town. She assures me she actually got it from Private Practice, but in my mind, K came up with it all on her own. K is a friend from library school in Buffalo and every time I think of the word, Woman, I think of K.

Mom: She’s my Mom and V’s Granny T, also known as TT. I am lucky enough to be so close with my Mom and to have someone who helps us with this whole parenting business. She’s incredibly giving and understanding and always a source of laughter. There’s much more to come on her as well.

NeeNee: Simply put, a friend I  met in high school who I lost touch with in college, but (thankfully) because of an email sent a few years ago, has become one of my closest friends since moving back to Richmond. Her name is obviously not NeeNee, but V calls her this and so she’ll always be NeeNee in my mind.

Rock Lobster: A dear, dear friend from Ithaca who was/is also my library Fairy-Godmother. She’ll never know how much I not only looked up to her while in school, but also look up to her now as a working librarian and Mama.

S: Although she probably won’t like me making reference to this because it implies her age, she was a friend of my Mom’s from way back and was also my art teacher in elementary school. Before V was born, we met again and somehow got on the topic of churches. She invited me to her church, we fell in love with the church, and have evolved into really special friends. Both Greg and I feel so comfortable speaking with S and her family about any and all topics and they have become such a special part of V’s life.

There will be many characters to this story but none by their actual names. Well, except for Greg, because he’s totally comfortable with me bragging about his mad skills online. As new people are introduced, I will include their bios here.


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